Minchinhampton Parish Council

Serving the people of Minchinhampton

Clerk: Claire Whitehead
The Trap House, West End
Minchinhampton, Stroud GL6 9JA

Allotments in Minchinhampton Parish

Minchinhampton Parish Council provides 64 allotments for rental by tenants on a site off Tetbury Street in central Minchinhampton.

Their use is supervised by Rules and Regulations issued to allotment holders, whose leases from the council are renewable every autumn.

A fourth water trough was recently provided on the site after requests from holders.

There is a long waiting list for allotments but anyone who lives in the parish and wishes to join it should contact the deputy council clerk via phone: 01453 731186 or e-mail: deputyclerk@minchinhampton-pc.gov.uk.

There are further allotments in Amberley, which are understood to be run both privately and by the local church.