Minchinhampton Parish Council

Serving the people of Minchinhampton

Clerk: Claire Whitehead
The Trap House, West End
Minchinhampton, Stroud GL6 9JA

Financial Information


Here you will find documents relating to the council's 2022-23 annual audit


The precept is the part of your total council tax bill that is paid to Minchinhampton Parish Council.

Every autumn, the parish council draws up its budget and calculates how much money it needs for the next financial year.

This precept demand is submitted to Stroud District Council, usually in January. The SDC then co-ordinates other demands from itself, Gloucestershire County Council, and the police and comes up with the total rate to be paid from 1st April of the new financial year.

Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge made to developers to ensure that development contributes to the cost of the infrastructure it will rely upon, such as schools and roads. It applies to most new buildings and conversions where new residential or supermarket warehouse floor-space is being created.

CIL is collected by the District Council, which then sends on a portion to us for us to use on projects taking place within our Parish.

CIL and Minchinhampton Parish

Parish and Town Councils are entitled to a percentage of the money collected from CIL in their area. This is referred to as the Neighbourhood allocation.

Normally, this is 15% of the money collected. As we have a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), we receive 25%.

You can see our most recent CIL report (what we've received and how we've spent it) here.

You can see our Neighbourhood Development Plan here.

Pay Multiple

There are no officers employed by Minchinhampton Parish Council whose taxable salary is in excess of £50,000 a year and therefore no information on salaries is required under the government's Transparency Code.

A list of payments made by Minchinhampton Parish Council is presented to each monthly full council meeting. Once approved the payments are clearly listed in the minutes.

Previous years

Further details of the Parish Council's budgets for the 2015/16 Financial Year can be obtained from the Parish Office.

The Parish Income and Expenditure Budgets for the 2016/17 Financial Year are now available