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New Town Centre Streetlights

Even the bats, it seems, should be happy with the very latest LED streetlights in central Minchinhampton, pictured above.

Half a dozen energy saving, replica gas lantern style, decorative lamps have begun showing the way after dark up the High Street. And they're less glaring for nocturnal wildlife, such as bats, as well as human residents.

The trial scheme was part of Gloucestershire County Council's street lighting improvement programme said Hughie Graham, the authority's project manager. He said it was four years ago that GCC decided to cut its energy bills by installing LED street lights everywhere.

But in an historic and picturesque place like Minchinhampton detailed negotiations and experiments led by the Parish Council followed before the golden glow of the mostly 2,700k "Bronte" lanterns from makers Pudsey Diamond suited everyone.

Cllr Nick Hurst, chair of the Minchinhampton Parish Council, said: "We are really pleased the county eventually agreed their standard roll-out wasn't suitable for conservation areas like ours".

Posted: Mon, 13 Dec 2021 11:18 by Ms Jo Barber

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